January 2016

Company News – FreshForex got the "Dynamic Development" title

Dear clients,

We are glad to inform you that we have had one more award in our collection of prizes and awards. According to the the best brokers rating of the International IAFT Awards 2015, FreshForex company became the first one in the "Dynamic Development" nomination!

IAFT Awards is a unique awards ceremony, which determines the best brokerage companies by an independent voting of more than 150 000 traders from all over the world. The organizer of the Award is the International Association of Forex traders (IAFT).

Getting the IAFT Award is the high assessment based on the results of the company on the financial market, as well as recognition and respect on the part of traders.

We thank all of the voters and, especially, our clients. Only together with you and your support, we were able to achieve excellent results. We continue to improve our services and trading conditions for you.


Good luck in trading!
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Company News – Student trading from the third winner of the contest "Snow Ride 2016"

Dear Clients,

"Bronze medal" of our competition "Snow Ride 2016" went to the trader Colour. The winner received his well-deserved $200 by cash and congratulations from FreshForex!

What do you do and how long are you trading on Forex?

I am a student studying the economic field. Trading in the currency market is not only my way to earn but also the topic of my diploma. I has always been interested in this topic, entered the university I decided to go in that direction, studying the market and trading on it.

What was your trading strategy in the competition?

I traded on the EURUSD, AUDUSD, #DAX30, #BRENT. Basic earnings obtained by #DAX30, #BRENT. I increased funds on my account and opened transaction increasing the volume and reinvesting my profit. By the last deal I managed to get more than 150% of the initial deposit due to the timely sale of oil.

How did you spend your winnings?

I didn't plan to spend it — I plan to use the winnings to make even more profits. As the saying goes, "Challenge excepted!".

What strategy do you use in your trading out of the competition?

I have been trading on the news. Carefully study the calendar of events before trading, look where the big news is coming, and put "Stops" before.

Why did you choose FreshForex as your broker?

Before having chosen a broker, I surfed forums, looking for feedbacks and some additional information about brokers. In my personal ranking of brokers — Freshforex ranked first.

We thank trader Colour for participation and answers!

We would like to mention that all the participants in the top three winners traded on the EURUSD and #DAX30, skillfully combining trading on the most popular currency pair and profitable contract for difference.

These and other currency pairs and contracts on assets with high price volatility and wide trade opportunities can be found in the "Contract specification for CFD".

Good luck in trading!
FreshForex - fresh view on money!


Company News – 710% of deposit gain and other December stories

Dear Clients,

Pre-holiday December fuss brought traders both successes and some failures. How did our clients trade in December?

710% is the highest gain of deposit. Without any assistants he was able to succeed trading the major pair EUR/USD.

671 is the number of trades per month of the most active FreshForex client, who traded with an advisor on EUR/USD.

46.88% of traders with deposits of $3000, ended December in profit.

$113785.27 is the best result of December. Client traded gold (XAUUSD), #NQ100, #SP500 and shares #Sberbank, #VTB and #LG. The vast majority of transactions on the client - it's sale. The trader tried to trade carefully, in small amounts, periodically averaging their positions.

$-187506.30 is the worst result of the month. The trader had the main losses on #DAX30. The deals were multi-directional, where our client tried to collect all the movements of the market: growth and decline, while keeping a high enough load on the deposit, and thus he used the Martingale betting system, which led to losses.

Anyway, the total December result is more than positive: 62% profitable trades out of the total mass.

Find your profitable instrument in our "Forex Heatmap" and earn!

Good luck in trading!
FreshForex - fresh view on money!


Company News – Time is running — deposit is growing!

Dear Clients,

Start the year with positive emotions: we have extended the promo "36% per annum" for you, our clients, till February 1, 2016.

3 easy steps to get the most profitable interest rate on free funds from FreshForex:

verify your personal details, connect your trading account to the promo, trade at your pleasure.


Trade and earn on profitable instruments, and we will increase your deposit every month


FreshForex - fresh view on money!
Good luck in trading!