December 2016

WSE: Session Results

Polish equity market closed flat on Friday. The broad market measure, the WIG Index, edged up 0.1%. Sector performance within the WIG Index was mixed. Telecoms (+1.90%) outperformed, while informational technology (-1.51%) lagged behind. The large-cap... [...]

Wall Street. Major U.S. stock-indexes fell

Major U.S. stock-indexes fell on the last trading day of 2016 due to losses across most sectors, but still on track to record hefty gains for the year. The markets have shown surprising resilience to major political events, such as Britain's vote in J... [...]

WSE: After start on Wall Street

Some of European parquets (London and Frankfurt) has completed listing for this year. FTSE gained per year over 14 percent and the German DAX nearly 7 percent. Wall Street began with a slight rise, and this market may be a guide for the Warsaw Stock... [...]

Option expiries for today’s 10:00 ET NY cut

USDJPY 114.00 (540m) 116.00 117.00 (1.97bn), 117.80 118.00 (731m), 118.20/25/30/35/40/45/50 (683m) EURUSD 1.0100 (2.79bn) 1.0200 1.0300, 1.0350/55 (931m), 1.0395/1.0400 (675m) 1.0430, 1.0450/53 (3.44bn), 1.0475 1.0500 (1.57bn) 1.0600 1.0610/15/20/... [...]