November 2017

My favourite ‘old-fangled’ trading indicator

I must admit, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Volume. You might have heard me talk about it before – it tends to be followed more closely by futures and stock traders than Forex traders, and it has a certain romantic appeal attached to it. Traders like Jesse Livermore and Charles […] [...]

Why ‘Scaled exits’ are a great idea

Scaled exits are nothing new. You’ll read about the old masters scaling out of their trades – they were doing it a hundred years ago or more. And scaling has always been a permanent fixture of the futures trading scene. Many futures order platforms actually have the facility to place scaled exit orders built right […] [...]

5 tips for trading from home

If you already have some experience behind you you’ll know full well it is certainly possible to trade from home around a day-job. You CAN get started with a very small trading bank (and it’s nothing to be ashamed of). And, if I have been doing my job properly, you’ll know my material – both […] [...]

Bitcoin analysis for 09/11/2017

A message from Mike Belshe, the chief spokesman, said it was "clear" that the project "did not reach enough consensus to make a clean upgrade of the blocks right now." Belshe's post states that "the Segwit2x effort began in May with a simple purpose: t... [...]

Trading plan for 09/11/2017

Surprising reversals in asset prices remain a key theme for this week. The sudden drop of the Nikkei 225 was followed by USD/JPY and other Dollar caresses. EUR/USD jumped to 1.1610. Reserve Bank of New Zealand gave a positive boost to NZD when it left ... [...]

Options levels on thursday, November 9, 2017

EUR/USD Resistance levels (open interest**, contracts) $1.1686 (1389) $1.1666 (958) $1.1640 (759) Price at time of writing this review: $1.1611 Support levels (open interest**, contracts): $1.1557 (5723) $1.1533 (8423) $1.1503 (5955)... [...]