December 2017

How to beat the ‘Bends’

Here’s a typical experience for a newbie trader. You learn a trading strategy, apply it to a demo account (or paper trade it) and then take it live once he’s seen his virtual profits rack-up. But as soon as REAL MONEY is dropped into the equation…problems start to arise. It’s a strange phenomenon because in […] [...]

Company News – Bitcoin Price is above $16 000!

Dear traders, At the moment Contracts for Difference (CFD) are one of the most high-yield trading instruments, and FreshForex offers excellent trading conditions for CFD trading on indexes, gold and energy commodities! We offer 45 contracts with the mi... [...]

The trader’s guide to brain-hacking

When trading we’re dealing with external stimuli (things that happen outside your mind and body) and your brain filters each individual event as either threatening or non-threatening. So imagine logging in to check progress on a trade… Things are going in your favour, the trade has almost reached your target and you move your stop […] [...]