January 2018

DoubleLine CEO Says Weak USD Good for Commodities

There’s good news ahead for commodities, with a particular bet on metals, as the outlook for the dollar looks to stay grim, according to experts. DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach made a call for commodities during a webcast Tuesday, during which he predicted commodities would soon outperform stocks. This correlates with the weakness of the dollar,… [...]

Oil Analyst Warns of Speculative Bubble

If the man who called the 2015 crude collapse is right, the oil market could be the next area to see a sharp pullback. Oil, which is seeing its best start to a year since 2006, has entered a danger zone, according to Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service. Kloza, the firm’s global… [...]

Daily analysis of USD/JPY for January 31, 2018

OverviewThe USD/JPY pair is fluctuating around 109.05 level. In case the pair remains below it, the negative pressure is likely to continue on the intraday and short-term basis. It is especially probably provided that the EMA50 keeps pushing the price ... [...]

Daily analysis of GBP/JPY for January 31, 2018

OverviewThe GBP/JPY pair made an intraday rebound to approach from the initial barrier at 154.80 level. Let me remind you that the stability of the price is generally below 50% Fibonacci correctional level at 156.00. This confirms the bearish correctio... [...]

Daily analysis of Gold for January 31, 2018

OverviewGold price is hovering around the EMA50 now. The bearish scenario is still valid for today as long as the price remains stable below 1,353.00. Let me remind you that we need to break 1,335.40 to confirm a longer bearish wave towards 1,316.48 as... [...]

Daily analysis of Silver for January 31, 2018

OverviewSilver price resumes its decline, trading near the minor bullish channel's support line which is displayed on the chart. The price needs to break the level of 16.95. It should be broken to confirm a further decline towards 16.56. Until now, the... [...]

Facebook bans bitcoin ads will this burst Bitcoin’s bubble?

Bitcoin has been everywhere for the past six months – it even had a Big Bang Theory episode dedicated to it. That isn’t an insignificant fact either if you consider B.B.T. is the most-watched and top-rated scripted show on air. The problem is, now that everyone is watching, it seems that bitcoin’s bubble may have… [...]

ECB Coeure says Inflation will Reach CB Goal Very Gradually

Executive Board member Benoit Coeure said euro-area inflation will converge “only very gradually” toward the European Central Bank’s goal, justifying the need to continue providing stimulus. Drawing a comparison with the U.S., where he noted that some fund managers anticipate an upside risk to price gains, the Executive Board member said “we see no such… [...]