March 2018

How to avoid a trading ‘hangover’ this Easter

With Easter almost upon us it’s time for a gentle reminder: What to do when coming back to trading after a break. It’s only natural to feel a little bit off-kilter after you’ve been pulled from your normal routine, even for a short spell. The processes you use in your work that usually come second-nature […] [...]

2 trading lessons that changed me forever

Today, I’d like to tell you about two pivotal lessons in my own trading education… Lesson 1: Reading Richard Dennis’ famous quote: “I always say you could publish trading rules in a newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline.” Lesson 2: Watching Pit Traders get all obsessive about having […] [...]

How to be the ‘Bruce Lee’ of trading

When you put a lot of work into your chart analysis you run the risk of ‘marrying’ your opinion. It’s easy to become blinkered to any other possibility but the one you envisage. You may analyse the markets yourself, or you might invest in the picture put forward by a market commentator. And at a […] [...]

Zen and the art of ‘piston power’ charting

I’d keep doing this just for the hell of it… Even if there was nothing to ‘gain’ in the end. It’s a mental workout so satisfying when all the clues fall into place, and I get that first glimpse of clarity, that I’d probably pay to do it. (The fact you can actually make obscene […] [...]