April 2018

How markets get manipulated (and how you can do it too)

An email arrives from a worried reader… He’s been watching an online trading video where it was announced – shock! – that the financial markets were being manipulated. That sometimes, when the price went up, it shouldn’t really be going up. And when the prices went down they shouldn’t really be going down. The video […] [...]

The benefits of going fully naked on your charts

You might know I’m not a massive fan of technical indicators… I’m talking about things like Stochastic Indicators, MACD, RSI and all those other exotic sounding tools. If you’ve been following my stuff for a while you’ve probably noticed I lean more towards pure ‘Price Action’ – following the 3 core data points of any […] [...]

The Reality Tunnel

I can tell when I’ve hit a proverbial hole-in-one (when it comes to educating on trading psychology). The emails come flying in and opinions are FIERCELY divided. Take last week’s missive on ‘winning through losing’… If you didn’t read it I shared the concept of deliberately losing money on a sequence of trades. This is a way […] [...]