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USD / JPY: The yen loses trumps

This week, the dollar-yen pair traded in the 100-point range, but in the end, it completes the five-day trading session almost at the opening positions. Despite the growth of core inflation in Japan, the yen remained under pressure from the US currency... [...]

The dollar sweeps away barriers

It cost the Federal Reserve to show that it is not going to be led by Donald Trump and is ready at any time to accelerate the process of normalizing monetary policy, as investors turned to the US dollar. According to Randal Quarles, vice-president of t... [...]

China’s economic growth has slowed

An indicator fixing the level of economic growth in China disappointed analysts, although it remained within the official forecast.According to the report of the State Statistics Committee of the People's Republic of China, in the second and third quar... [...]

Overview of the currency market on 10/19/2018

The dollar continues its victorious march, and yesterday, it was not the Brexit negotiations that supported it, but macroeconomic statistics and statements about the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System. So, the worst result for the day showed... [...]