The Reality Tunnel

I can tell when I’ve hit a proverbial hole-in-one (when it comes to educating on trading psychology). The emails come flying in and opinions are FIERCELY divided. Take last week’s missive on ‘winning through losing’… If you didn’t read it I shared the concept of deliberately losing money on a sequence of trades. This is a way […] [...]

How to manipulate the ‘winning through losing’ paradox

I’ve often thought how much time, money, and emotional despair would have been spared in my early years of trading… …if only someone had sat me down and given me a step-by-step plan to toughen me up a bit and expose my fragile ego to the realities of trading! But I had a bit of […] [...]

How to avoid a trading ‘hangover’ this Easter

With Easter almost upon us it’s time for a gentle reminder: What to do when coming back to trading after a break. It’s only natural to feel a little bit off-kilter after you’ve been pulled from your normal routine, even for a short spell. The processes you use in your work that usually come second-nature […] [...]

2 trading lessons that changed me forever

Today, I’d like to tell you about two pivotal lessons in my own trading education… Lesson 1: Reading Richard Dennis’ famous quote: “I always say you could publish trading rules in a newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline.” Lesson 2: Watching Pit Traders get all obsessive about having […] [...]

How to be the ‘Bruce Lee’ of trading

When you put a lot of work into your chart analysis you run the risk of ‘marrying’ your opinion. It’s easy to become blinkered to any other possibility but the one you envisage. You may analyse the markets yourself, or you might invest in the picture put forward by a market commentator. And at a […] [...]

Zen and the art of ‘piston power’ charting

I’d keep doing this just for the hell of it… Even if there was nothing to ‘gain’ in the end. It’s a mental workout so satisfying when all the clues fall into place, and I get that first glimpse of clarity, that I’d probably pay to do it. (The fact you can actually make obscene […] [...]

Too Many Rate Hikes Could Harm Economy

Central bankers need to be careful not to increase interest rates too quickly this year because that could slow the economy too much, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard told CNBC on Thursday.Wall Street expects the Fed to raise rates at next month’s meeting, in the first of what’s seen as at least three… [...]

The ‘Supermodel’s Secret’ for peak profits

Over in the FX Flow forum we’ve been talking exit strategies… Rob posted up his musings on trading with ‘hard’ Profit Targets V’s Simply Exiting with a trailing stop. Here’s what was on his mind: “I’m thinking of Bitcoin in December. If you’d set a “normal” take profit level, you’d have missed out on a […] [...]

My Simple Success Sequence in Just 3 Steps

Here’s what happens when I talk to traders who struggle… I ask them to tell me about their experience: the systems or strategies they’re using, and the results they’ve recorded so far. And what they tell me usually suggests something like this: 1) They’re aiming to draw some kind of fixed result from their trading […] [...]

The ‘Artist’s Easel’ charting method

Imagine an artist scrutinising his almost-complete masterpiece… Holding hand to chin and with narrowed eyes the artist steps away from the easel and gives his canvas a good check-over from a few paces back. He steps to the left and dips his head for an alternative view that catches the light in a certain way. […] [...]