7 rarely heard nuggets of trading wisdom

It’s a bit of a brain-tangling paradox but see what you make of this: “An act of self preservation in the ‘normal’ world can have the exact opposite effect when you’re trading.” Think about it… We come naturally hard-wired to grasp ‘lucky’ finds. We get an overwhelming urge to stash easily won loot before anyone […] [...]

How to ‘Iron-out’ 8 common Metatrader troubles

I’ve been working with some newer traders recently, taking them right from opening their first account to placing their first trade. And a lot of the questions I’m being asked revolve around the use of the Metatrader (MT4) platform. Now Metatrader is a really solid platform and best of all comes bundled free with accounts […] [...]

How to be an overnight genius ‘numbers’ trader

Today, I’m going to show you how to make economic data work for you… Even if the thought of all those dreary numbers makes you feel like nodding off to sleep! (It’ll be well worth the next 5-minutes of your time. I promise.) So, first things first, would you agree that to make money as […] [...]

The 4 ‘teams’ playing every market (and the tactics they use)

Here’s why I believe financial trading is the best real-world education you can have: It forces you to deal with reality as it stands. Not what you *think* reality should be, according to your personal preferences. It teaches you to quickly develop the ability to absorb unexpected and shocking situations, decide on the best next-actions […] [...]

Sorting out your own personal ‘Starter Goals’

Give the following question a bit of thought… What it is you actually want to achieve from your trading? Well money is probably going to feature somewhere. But even that is going to mean vastly different things to different people. Let me give you an idea of how 4 different traders might give wildly contrasting […] [...]

5 mistakes that make traders go broke

I remember a spell of making spectacular money week after week. It came early in my trading days when I was young and foolish. So when one particular Thursday rolled around with no loot in the weekly sack I simply entered a long position before an economic report. In some weird and twisted way I […] [...]

What to do if ESMA killed your system

I’ve had emails from traders at their wit’s end. The new ESMA regulations have pretty much put them out of business. At least, as far as trading in their ‘old ways’ goes. Personally, I don’t think ESMA is a big deal. At least not for traders following my own trading strategies: we trade in a […] [...]

Death of the DIY trader?

I detect a whiff of panic… All these emails I’ve been receiving about the new ESMA regulations. Honestly, you’d think the world was coming to an end or something. And I don’t mean emails I’ve been receiving from TN readers – most of those have been very sensible and enquiring – I mean emails I’ve […] [...]

Why ‘truer’ markets could prevent World War 3

Remember that English guy who carried out the ‘biggest military hack of all time’ a few years ago? Gary McKinnon hacked straight into NASA’s systems from his house in Scotland! Luckily he was only on the hunt for photos of flying saucers, but imagine the damage he could have caused with a bit of real […] [...]