How ‘boring’ records bring big-gain boosts

Here’s something that’ll DEFINITELY improve your trading… It’s won’t be the most thrilling thing you’re heard today (so you can stop gripping the arms of your chair now) but it works like nothing else. I’m talking about keeping records of your trading exploits. I think there are 2 parts to keeping good trading records: there’s […] [...]

This hidden ‘feedback loop’ shows what REALLY works in the markets

I know metals aren’t exactly ‘of-the-moment,’ what with all this talk of Cryptocoins lighting up your inbox, but Gold headlines have been catching my eye… “Korean threat sparks Gold gains” “Gold could reach $1,400 as drums of war grow louder” “Gold bearish reversal pattern this month!” “Gold tumbles most since July (as Bitcoin bounces)” Each […] [...]

‘Quick Kill’ Vs ‘Slow Burn’

I had a conversation with two different people this week about trends. And it got me thinking a bit. Trends are a ‘thorny issue’. They seem to be one of those areas that have a few different workable approaches. And some traders can get a bit prickly when defending the ‘proper’ (i.e. their) way of […] [...]

The controversy over Crypto Coins

Last week’s email about Crypto coins and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) got a few people hot under the collar… One reader is even in the process of launching his own coin and wrote in to tell me how he found my comments a bit ‘out of order.’ Here’s what he said: I read your Nest […] [...]

When reality TV stars blow the ‘fresh air’ of coin offerings

Bernard Baruch – investment behemoth and all round ‘big cheese’ – describes the Wall Street scene in the days leading up to 1929’s big crash: “Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish… My cook had […] [...]

The secret of Satan’s Airbag

There’s a water sports centre near where I live – a big lake where you can go and learn to windsurf or sail. And at the end of the last school term (the children have broken up for summer hols now) there was a bit of a buzz going around amongst the parents about a new addition to the […] [...]