Technical analysis of EUR/JPY for June 01, 2016

Technical outlook and chart setups:The EUR/JPY pair is seen to be trading at 122.40 levels for now after pulling back from lows at 122.00 levels. The pair is still stuck in the trading range between 122.00 and 124.00/50 levels respectively. Please not... [...]

Technical analysis of USD/CHF for June 01, 2016

Overview: The USD/CHF pair faced minor resistance at the level of 0.9954, while major resistance is seen at the level of 0.9999. Support is found at the levels of 0.9895 and 0.9866. Also, it should be noted that a daily pivot point has already set at ... [...]

Daily analysis of major pairs for June 1, 2016

EUR/USD: No matter what happens on this trading instrument, the bias is bearish. There is a bearish Confirmation Pattern in the market. It would be rational to take any rally attempts as short-selling opportunities, for bears might still target the support lines at 1.1100 and 1.1050.


USD/CHF: The USD/CHF pair consolidated yesterday. Bulls are still willing to push price northward, and there is a possibility that the resistance levels at 0.9950 and 1.0000 (a parity zone) would be tested. However, it is unlikely that the resistance level at 1.0000 would be broken to the upside, since there is also a threat from CHF, which might gain some stamina before the end of the week.


GBP/USD: The Cable made further attempt to go upwards, but bears came in at the distribution territory of 1.4700, which was the same point at which a bullish attempt was rejected last week. From that distribution territory, the price came down by 220 pips, now below the distribution territory at 1.4500. This kind of movement has become a serious threat to the recent bullish outlook; plus a movement below the accumulation territory at 1.4400 would result in a strong bearish signal.


USD/JPY: This pair simply moved sideways on Tuesday – in the context of a downtrend. The next targets are the supply levels at 111.50 and 112.00. Since there is a bullish signal in the market, those supply levels would be tested today or tomorrow.


EUR/JPY: The EUR/JPY pair made some bullish attempt, but further rally was rejected at the supply zone of 124.00. Bulls made serious efforts to push the price above that supply zone, but they were overpowered by bears. However, as long as the price is above the demand zone at 122.00, a possibility of a further rally is valid.


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Technical analysis of USDX for June 1, 2016

The Dollar index remains in a bullish trend and is trading near its highs. There is still no trend reversal signal yet however Dollar bulls need to be very cautious.Blue lines - bullish channelThe Dollar index continues to trade inside the bullish chan... [...]

Technical analysis of GBP/CHF for June 01, 2016

Technical outlook and chart setups:The GBP/CHF pair is seen to be trading at at 1.4390 levels at this moment after reversing sharply from 1.4600 levels yesterday. Please note that the rally that begun from 1.3400 levels looks to be complete at 1.4600 l... [...]

Technical analysis of Gold for June 1, 2016

Gold price bounced as we expected above the short-term resistance of $1,215 and has reached $1,220. However the form of the rise continues to look corrective and this means that once this bounce is over, a new low towards $1,190 should follow.Black tre... [...]

Global macro overview for 01/06/2016

Global macro overview for 01/06/2016:Better-than-expected GDP data from Australia boosted the AUD in overnight trade. Global investors expected GDP to decrease slightly from 0.7% q/q (2.9% y/y) to 0.6% q/q (2.8% y/y), but the number revealed a strong i... [...]

Global macro overview for 01/06/2016

Global macro overview for 01/06/2016:As the national referendum in Great Britain approaches (23rd June 2016), various pools are being conducted, revealing the sentiment of British people towards the UK's participation in the eurozone. Yesterday's lates... [...]

Technical analysis of EUR/JPY for June 1, 2016

General overview for 01/06/2016:As anticipated yesterday, the sudden price reversal after the market made the top for wave X at the level of 124.20 is a part of a three-wave downside wave progression that will eventually make a new low. The wave (a) of... [...]

Technical analysis of USD/CAD for June 1, 2016

General overview for 01/06/2016:The market made another marginal higher high after the bottom for wave ii had been reached. Nevertheless, the top of wave (i) at the level of 1.3190 still hasn't been violated. This kind of price action might suggest the... [...]