Trading Plan 10/19/2018

Trading Plan 10/19/2018The overall picture: A turn towards the dollar.News in the morning: In the Chinese economy, signs of a slowdown have been noticed. While small, the growth in output has dropped from 6.6% to 6.5%. At the same time, China's top off... [...]

Sterling will remain under pressure

The next failure of negotiations between the UK and the EU on the terms of the country's withdrawal from the union seems to surprise no one, and the British currency and the euro indirectly remain hostages of this phenomenon. Following the summit of EU... [...]

Forecast for EUR / USD for October 19, 2018

EUR / USD On Thursday, the negative news on Brexit and the fall of the British pound became the main driver of the strengthening of the dollar and, in general, investors' withdrawal from risk. The dollar index rose by 0.34%, the S & P 500 stock ind... [...]