Hundreds Of Mutilated Skulls Found Under Mexico City Confirm Ancient Tales Of Brutal Human Sacrifice

The priest quickly sliced into the captive’s torso and removed his still-beating heart. That sacrifice, one among thousands performed in the sacred city of Tenochtitlan, would feed the gods and ensure the continued existence of the world. –Science Magazine  Archeologists have uncovered extensive evidence of ritual human sacrifice and an ominous “skull wall” built in the 14th-century… [...]

#bitcoin sell but just a retrace Y/N ?

#bitcoin sell but just a retrace Y/N ? Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD Felix000 Study using Williams Fractal pattern HLLH alert is a sell but based on last time just a retrace. What do you think ? Divergence based on open and close of HLLH with corresponding oscillators down below. Williams Fractals not shown on chart.… [...]

No rest for the weary

No rest for the weary No rest for weary as the markets will get bombarded by events risk from virtually every angle this week. Trade war, elections, US data, Fedspeak, Eurozone inflation and the Bank of Canada (BoC)Business Outlook Survey all wrapped up in month end portfolio rebalance to add more confusion to the fray.… [...]

Merkel’s Troubles Began In Syria And End In Italy

Authored by Tom Luongo, It looks like we are entering the end of Merkel-ism in Europe.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel is approaching her final days in that position. Be it next week or the end of this year, we are looking at unprecedented change in European politics thanks to Merkel’s insistence on taking in millions… [...]

Syncona Gaps Up With A Big Bar

Syncona Gaps Up With A Big Bar SYNCONA LIMITED ORD NPV LSE:SYNC Sublime_Trading Last post: June 3rd. See chart. Review: Price was trending nicely to the upside. Update: Price has broken out yet again with a big breakout bar which was also a gap up. Conclusion: We will wait for the next breakout before considering… [...]

Rightmove Making The Right Moves

Rightmove Making The Right Moves RIGHTMOVE PLC ORD 1P LSE:RMV Sublime_Trading Last post: June 14th. See chart. Review: Price had started trending strong after breaking through resistance. Update: Price continues to trend to the upside and still looks strong. Conclusion: We will be looking for long opportunities following the next breakout. Any comments or questions,… [...]

Felony Eavesdropping Charge For 13-Year-Old Who Recorded Illinois School Principal

A 13-year-old who recorded a conversation with his school’s principal and another administrator has been charged with felony eavesdropping.  Student Paul Boron began recording before stepping into Principal David Conrad’s office for a February 16 meeting with Conrad and Assistant Principal Nathan Short, after he failed to attend several detentions at Manteno Middle School. Boron says… [...]

Will Games Workshop Group Breakout?

Will Games Workshop Group Breakout? GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC ORD 5P LSE:GAW Sublime_Trading Last post: June 11th. See chart. Review: Price was holding at a support level . Update: Price has since bounced off the support area and looks ready to tackle the resistance level just above. Conclusion: If there is a breakout then we… [...]