LA Competes For California’s Most Disgusting City As “Typhus Zone” Underscores Skid Row Squalor

San Francisco’s poo and needle-filled streets have competition for the state’s most squalid, as LA’s skid row – home to over 4,000 transients, is now a “typhus zone,” according to NBC News. Mark Ralston / AFP – Getty  Situated among wholesale fish distributors and produce warehouses, skid row spans approximately 54 square blocks in downtown Los Angeles –… [...]

BAT/BTC – New cycle

BAT/BTC – New cycle Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin BITTREX:BATBTC xuanhaimmoer Analysis in the chart Good luck and hope all you LIKE this ! [...]

Will China Win The Artificial Intelligence Race?

Authored by Mathew Maavak via, Two Artificial Intelligence-driven Internet paradigms may emerge in the near future. One will be based on logic, smart enterprises and human merit while the other may morph into an Orwellian control tool. Even former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has foreseen a bifurcation of the Internet by 2028 and China’s eventual triumph… [...]

USDCHF, Uptrend !

USDCHF, Uptrend ! U.S. Dollar/Swiss Franc FX:USDCHF DatTong H4: – Structure: uptrend – Below resistance – Weakening –> Waiting pullback => Buy [...]

The Next Flu Explosion: Rise In Obesity And Diabetes Will Exacerbate Future Pandemics

Scientists involved in a new study published this month in the research journal, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, have sounded the alarm over their ability to contain future flu pandemics in relation to the rise of obesity especially in the West today.  The study finds that growth rates in obesity and diabetes, along with populations which are increasingly resistant… [...]

Escobar: What Sanctions On Russia And China Really Mean

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, The Pentagon may not be advocating total war against both Russia and China – as it has been interpreted in some quarters … A crucial Pentagon report on the US defense industrial base and “supply chain resiliency” bluntly accuses China of “military expansion” and “a strategy of economic aggression,”… [...]

Swiss Banks Curb China Travel After UBS Banker Arrested

Two major Swiss banks imposed restrictions on staff travel to China after a UBS employee was detained in the country, underscoring the challenges of doing business in a country which is a mecca for banks eager to capture and manage (for a generous fee) the fastest growing fortunes in the world, yet are challenged by a… [...]

Trader fatigue sets in but the the Sun always shines on TV

The stabilisation in equities on Friday helped calm FX carry as headlines around Brexit, and the Italian budget were more positive heading into the weekend. Newswires have been very friendly into the weekend. Bloomberg reported that Italy’s government might cut its 2019 deficit target to 2.15%. Remember, Italy PM Conte has said the government would… [...]