BITCOIN Analysis for June 22, 2018

Bitcoin has turned table around today after certain correction and volatility above $6,500 area recently. The price is currently staying at the edge of $6,000 support area after impulsive bearish pressure pushed the price lower with ease. Though the ma... [...]

Fundamental Analysis of USD/CAD for June 22, 2018

USD/CAD has been quite impulsive with the bullish gains after breaking above 1.3120 area with a daily close recently. USD has been dominating CAD for a few days since the US Fed Rate Hike to 2.00% from the previous value of 1.75%.After a series of down... [...]

Fundamental Analysis of NZD/USD for June 22, 2018

NZD/USD has been quite bearish till yesterday before it bounced off the 0.68 support area with a daily close. NZD has been dominated by USD in several ways, but after the recent rate hike from 1.75% to 2.00%, the USD gains were quite massive.This week,... [...]

Technical analysis of EUR/USD for June 22, 2018

Overview: This week, the EUR/USD pair fell from the level of 1.1734 to bottom at 1.1543. It rebounded from the bottom to close at the price of 1.1642. The EUR/USD pair has faced strong support at the level of 1.1543. So, the strong support has been a... [...]

Technical analysis of USD/CHF for June 22, 2018

Overview: The USD/CHF pair faced resistance at the level of 0.9943. The strong resistance has been already formed at the level of 0.9943 and the pair is likely to try to approach it in order to test it again. However, if the pair fails to pass throug... [...]

Fundamental Analysis of AUD/USD for June 22, 2018

AUD/USD has been quite impulsive with the bullish gains today which lead the price to bounce off the 0.74 area and pushed towards 0.7500-50 area. Despite having no impactful economic reports on AUD side, the weakness of USD for the recently published w... [...]

Review of EUR / USD pair as of June 22, 2013

I would like to say that the single European currency yesterday surprised us a little as it is valued against the background of the BoE meeting on monetary policy. The thing is that three members of the board voted for an increase in the refinancing ra... [...]

Bitcoin analysis for June 22, 2018

Trading recommendations: According to the H1 time - frame, I found a broken rising channel in the background, which is a sign that sellers are in control. The trend is bearish. My advice is to watch for potential selling opportunities. I have placed Fi... [...]