Bitcoin analysis for August 20, 2018

Trading recommendations: According to the 30M time - frame, I found that Bitcoin is trading in a consolidation phase, which is a sign of indecision. Anyway, I found a potential downard movement within the consolidation. The potential C wave is in progr... [...]

The yen is bending its line

Trade negotiations between the US and China a few hours before the expansion of the package of import duties on the supply of goods from China to the States, the entry into force of new sanctions against Russia and the traditional meeting of the world'... [...]

The US economy before the threat of deceleration

The US dollar updated the maximum against the euro and the pound last week, taking advantage of rising tensions in several regions. When will the rally be completed?Most of the factors that markets take into account are still in favor of the dollar. Th... [...]

Forecast for USD / JPY as of August 20, 2018

USD / JPYThe Japanese yen strongly opposes external pressure from the stock market and a new factor of the risk of the Fed's shrinking balance felt by peripheral markets. The price is kept in the accumulation range of June positions, this range is mark... [...]

Fractal analysis of GOLD on August 20

Forecast for August 20: Analytical review on the scale of H1:For Gold, the key levels on the scale of H1 are: 1203.67, 1198.34, 1190.05, 1186.90, 1179.99, 1175.65, 1170.12 and 1159.49. Here, we follow the formation of the potential for the top of Augus... [...]